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“I adore Paris. It’s stunning and an important city, elegant and unstoppable. You live in a beautiful area with picturesque views of the Eiffel Tower and the seine, it feels like being in an animated postcard, facing one of the best views of Paris”, Giorgio Armani told Claire Evren.

“When I am on board Maìn I make sure that I forget all about work commitments. This helps me recharge my batteries and come back to Milan happy to start work again full of enthusiasm”.

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Giorgio Armani, Sean Penn Team Up for L.A. Photo Fair
“Sean’s work is perfectly in line with the Acqua for Life program, so joining forces was a natural step. Our great understanding and mutual respect have made this collaboration a truly gratifying experience.”

Having stood at the helm of his eponymous empire for over 44 years, Giorgio Armani is nothing short of an industry legend. While he is internationally recognized as the pioneer of the power suit, the Italian designer is also one of fashion’s greatest cinephiles, with costume credits on over 200 films.
For the final set piece in Quentin Tarantino’s black comedy, the designer created an ivory dinner jacket with peak lapels for Brad Pitt. Complete with a red carnation, white pocket square, black bow tie and pearl cufflinks, it’s a suave departure from Raine’s usual weathered uniform and sets the scene for the James Bond-esque bloodbath that follows.

Two of Armani’s creations appear on screen – a sharp suit in pale grey and another in navy, worn with nonchalance by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort.

The designer was commissioned to create Richard Gere’s wardrobe

Armani supplied several three-piece suits for Costner. Costner’s clean lines and subdued color palettes lift him above the fray and stand in stark contrast to De Niro’s ill-fitting jackets and flamboyant cravats.

It was Bruce Wayne’s made-to-measure Armani suits that really caught the eye of the fashion crowd when Christopher Nolan’s superhero blockbuster hit screenshic. The Italian maestro also outfitted co-stars Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Armani’s futuristic wardrobe for Jodie Foster in Neill Blomkamp’s 2013 sci-fi thriller is a far cry from the many period pieces the designer has worked on.

“We have had the Emporio Armani store on Boulevard St.-Germain for some time, and we had the chance to renovate the structure, so I worked on a new concept, light and fluid, an environment that surrounds and guides customers while enhancing the products. We renovated the Emporio Armani Caffè too. I never expected to have quite such a success with this little restaurant in the heart of Paris, opposite Café de Flore. Nearby, Louis Vuitton has expanded too. I have an apartment above my store, a small studio. I adore it—it’s well-done, very comfortable, and close at hand. I can stop downstairs, eat at the Emporio Armani Caffè, and then go the showroom. It’s all very familiar, almost like an extension of [our headquarters on] Via Borgonuovo in Milan. It’s the real kind of Paris that I like to know”.

“Showing in Milan or in Paris, the preparation is the same, as are the steps that lead up to the fashion show. The only challenge is time: getting everything ready in order to move the collection and the staff. The rest follows the usual pace, a sort of ritual. The excitement does not change. After 40 years in the business, I still find the show to be a magical moment—the performance anxiety, the litmus test. But I don’t lose my cool, also because I can’t stand those who do”.

“I like to shop in the fine-furniture shops in St.-Germain. I always find something that captures my attention. I went there first with Peter Marino when he was designing my Milan home; I spent a fortune and bought lots of pieces. Every time I am in Paris, after I finish in the showroom, I allow myself a little walk around the galleries on Rue Bonaparte, Rue de Seine, and Rue des Beaux-Arts. I’m not a party animal by nature, but popularity and my job involve this aspect too. I like to host dinners at home with family members, friends, and work colleagues. Food is typically a simple Italian antipasti of mozzarella and tomatoes, ham and melon, and soup in the winter. After a main of pasta al Pomodoro, risotto alla Milanese, or chicken or fish with vegetables, there is always a dessert, which is either ice cream or a homemade cake. I enjoy taking my fashion and my idea of lifestyle to the world. This allows me to meet my guests, both friends and famous people I rarely get to see”.



World News Actuality Claire Evren & Jason Morgan