International Edition–Last News and Buzz-The Guest of The Week Sean Penn & Claire Evren at Istanbul

The Guest of The Week Sean Penn & Claire Evren at Istanbul
The film of Sean Penn “The Last Face” was screened on the eve of the World Humanitarian Summit 25-05-2016 in Istanbul in the presence of Sean Penn & Claire Evren
Sean Penn attends a session named ‘Global Alliance for Urban Crises’ held within World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.
Celebrities who work on humanitarian issues set out their concerns and hopes for the U.N. summit: Actors Sean Penn and Daniel Craig in Istanbul.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon gathered over 60 heads of state and government with top NGOs, aiming to better keep conflicts from erupting and ensure legal retribution for those guilty of humanitarian crimes.
James Bond star Daniel Craig ( Actor & U.N. Global advocate for the elimination of mines and explosive hazards ) told the world leaders: “This summit is about potential to start the biggest humanitarian movement in our history,” warning against “empty words without action.”
World leaders and representatives of humanitarian organizations from across the globe are converging in Istanbul for the first World Humanitarian Summit.