Monaco World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren Million-Dollar Homes in Monaco


Monaco World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren Million-Dollar Homes in Monaco

Million-Dollar Homes in Monaco
For sale: The world’s most expensive apartment

A penthouse apartment in Monaco is expected to sell for $400 million.

The five-story penthouse will feature extensive outdoor space that includes an oval infinity pool that comes with a slide that drops down from the dance floor.

There will be five main bedrooms.

The terraces feature vine covered walls, palm trees and sculpture-like glass walls.

One of the world’s largest apartments is going up in one of world’s smallest countries. It’s a 35,500-square-foot, five-story penthouse being built on a tower in Monaco, a nation of less than a square mile.

The Sky Penthouse will also probably be the most expensive apartment ever built, expected to sell for nearly $400 million.

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That’s not surprising given how wealthy Monaco is — nearly 30% of its 37,000 inhabitants are millionaires, according to WealthInsight.

Photograph-like artists’ renderings above and in the following pages show how the penthouse soars high over Monaco‘s skyline, providing stunning views from its rooms and terraces.

The penthouse is in the Odeon Tower — at 558 feet, it will be the second tallest building on the entire Mediterranean coast of Europe. Tower residents will be treated like royalty.

There’s a palatial private lobby (pictured above), valet parking, private chauffeur and shuttle services, a luxury supermarket, business center and movie theater all on the premises.

The developer, Groupo Marzocco, reported that there will be concierge services, a gym and sauna with a selection of pools, private and public lobbies and a luxury catering service.

It’s like “enjoying the most sophisticated hotel lifestyle at home,” it said.

As expected for such an expensive home, the interior is finely crafted and finished with top quality materials.

Bath surfaces are lined with marble and the designs employ different colored stones for contrast and drama.

Penthouse residents will have panoramic views of the beautiful Riviera — even from the kitchens. There will be five kitchens — one on each floor.

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The clean kitchen design will include sleek cabinets and appliances. Shiny stone countertops with undermounted sinks enhance the modern look