World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren – Extreme surfers in the Arctic


World News Actuality Presented By Claire Evren – Extreme surfers in the Arctic

Extreme surf photographer Chris Burkard chases Arctic swells for work

Favorite places to shoot include Iceland and Central California

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That much is clearly evident from his incredible portfolio, built up from shooting surfers as they ride waves in some of the most extreme places on the planet.

The California-based photographer hikes glaciers, dons wetsuits and routinely gets slammed by his subjects (unintentionally) as he tries to get as close as possible to the action.

His latest project is documented in a stunning video collaboration with SmugMug Films, part of a behind-the-scenes series highlighting photographers at work.

Risking his life for the perfect wave

Shot over a two-week period, the film, called “Arctic Swell – Surfing the ends of the earth,” shows Burkard and his surfing companions battling blizzards as they catch freezing Arctic swells.

“You feel like you’re really paying the price but the greatest rewards come,” says Burkard.

Latest project documented in stunning SmugMug video showing extreme conditions


The world’s first man-made surfing lake has been given an opening date of summer 2015.

Surf Snowdonia in Wales’s Conwy Valley will comprise a 300-meter-long lagoon 10 miles inland, with machines to create waves up to six feet in height.

Overcrowding won’t ever be a problem here. The first (and as yet, only) known person to surf in Antarctica was Red Bull athlete Ramon Navarro.

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